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Want to know what’s hot for Christmas this year? We’ve got the rundown of the most popular gift ideas for kids, him, and her. Which toys will win favor with the kids to become the “best toys for 2017”? Are there some so-called “cool gifts” that you should really avoid? Will any of the greatest games still be available when you finally go shopping? The hottest items in electronics, toys, tech, and the “must haves” are all here, and we tell you where to buy them on sale. Get ready for another fun and exciting season of holiday giving. We cover all the in-store and online deals. Gotta deal? Send it our way. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most well-known “big shopping days”, but many of the best deals will arrive without as much fanfare between now and Christmas Eve. We will find those sales for you and post them below.

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The Top gift requests on our website this week:

1. Where can I find Cyber Monday week specials? Shop Amazon – Cyber Monday Deals Week

2. If you or someone on your Christmas list loves to read, don’t miss this special from Amazon.

3. If you are shopping for toys, you can find all the best selling toys for 2017 on this page. Sorted by gifts for girls, gifts for boys, preschoolers, toddlers…you name it. After the advertised specials, you’ll also start seeing deals that end every few hours – so keep an eye on those to save even more money.

4. Not sure exactly what you’re looking for? Try these for inspiration – Daily Christmas Deals

5. Still can’t decide what to buy? Amazon Prime is the perfect gift, even for yourself. Who doesn’t like free books, free movies, free TV shows, 2 day free shipping, and so much more?


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–  Automotive Gifts (Tires, Cables, Remote Starters, Tire Gauges and more)

–  Baby Toys (Einstein, Teethers, Rattles, Stuffed Animals)

–  Books (George Bush, Sarah Palin, Hornet’s Nest, Glenn Beck, John Grisham)

–  Cameras and Camcorders (Digital SLR, Flip Video, Point and Shoot, Lenses)

–  Electronics (Ipod Touch, Kindle, GPS, Blue-ray Players, LCD HDTV)

–  Jewelry Gifts (Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Silver and Gold)

–  Sports Gifts (Weights, Razor Scooter, Swiss Army Knife, Workout Programs)

–  Watches (Men’s, Women’s, Kid’s, Stainless Steel, Chronograph)

–  Movies and TV Shows (Toy Story 3, Mad Men, Hangover, Big Bang Theory)

–  Toys and Games (Barbie, Lego, Scrabble, Nerf, Squinkies)

–  Video Games (Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Just Dance)

–  Software (Microsoft Office, Adobe, Quickbooks, Norton)

–  Computers (Ipad, Macbook Pro, Tablets, Netbook)

–  Shoes and Boots (Walking, Running, Yaktrax)

–  Lawn and Garden (Snowblower, Grill, Bird Feeders)

View the Bestsellers in all gift categories here (toys, books, electronics, clothing, sports and more!).

Updated 12/09/17: As Europe sang during the 80’s, It’s The Final Countdown. Christmas is only about 2 weeks away and panic is setting in for shoppers throughout the country. At this point it is almost too late to look for gift ideas on sites like Pinterest or Etsy, although a homemade gift might be your only option if you don’t get out there soon. Mail delivery is already backed up 2-3 days due to the biggest Cyber Monday in history. Forget about fidget spinners as a stocking stuffer – the kids have moved on to Tumblstix. If you can’t find those, consider squishy toys like the Smooshy Mushy. Another big search here is for interactive monkeys called fingerlings. These are some of the hottest toys of the season, so if you have one on you list, grab it and don’t look back. And don’t forget, regardless of what toys or adult gifts you give this Christmas, it won’t take long before they are mostly forgotten. Your real opportunity is to give the gift of time. Time spent with you – priceless.

Updated 11/17/2017: Like the eggnog at your office Christmas party, searches really spiked this week as we are now less than 7 days from the biggest offline shopping day of 2017. Black Friday is breathing down your neck and if you’re like most people, you haven’t given much thought to gift buying yet. Below are the 10 most popular searches this past week on our website:

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  4. Christmas Electronics
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  7. Popular Christmas Gifts
  8. Hot Electronics
  9. What’s New For Christmas
  10. Tech Toys For Kids

The leaked Black Friday ads are all over the net so a quick search will lead you to them. If you’re getting a jump on the rush, here is a great place to start:

Black Friday Deals Week

Updated 11/01/2017: November seems like it came early this year. October arrived in the usual way, but at some point it decided to fast-forward, and just like that – the Halloween horror movies went back into the vault. Retailers are giddy. They no longer need to wait around for Black Friday. I’ve been to the stores, and people are already shopping for Christmas. You see them walking the aisles, cell phones in hand. Research compare, search, click…done. And if the price is right in the aisle where they are shopping, it’s off to the register and another gift under the tree. Christmas electronics appear to be the hot item right now. Toys and games are starting to disappear from shelves as well, but the peak for those items is still a few weeks away – waiting for the final rush, panic period of mid-December. Also, lots of shoppers are actually focused on themselves – and not on you. They are just counting the days until the gifts cards get opened, and then the second wave of trending sales will arrive – just a few days after Christmas. This is when people buy apparel, beauty goods, personal care items, and gifts for Fido and Kitty (pet parents, you know who you are). Start planning your shopping strategy right now. Make your list, draw your map, prioritize your days. Search online for the best gifts for Dad, Mom, Her, Him, Teens, Kids, and Friends. Then – don’t wait until it’s too late. Get it done early and have another cup of eggnog.

Updated 10/23/17: It’s possible that we’ve turned a retail Christmas creep corner as Target reacts to customer feedback. The big box store plans to soften the Christmas season marketing during the next few weeks to instead focus more on Thanksgiving. We will watch for announcements from other chain stores to see if they follow suit, and it will be interesting to see if anyone notices the change from Target. I haven’t been in their store for a few weeks, but maybe this means a few less Christmas themed aisles, more cooked turkeys on their print materials, and less elves and bells commercials in November. A quick look at their homepage today and it’s all about Halloween, which it should be given we are still more than a week away from 10/31. Let’s all plan to take another snapshot on 11/1 to see if pumpkin pie gets the digital centerpiece, or if Santa’s sleigh is front and center. I’m all for a little less Christmas creep, but we have to be realistic too. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a few short weeks from now, and that’s when most toys, electronics, and gifts pass through the store registers.

Updated 10/14/17: Yesterday, President Trump told a group “We’re saying Merry Christmas again.” Then, like that paisley tie you got last year, he added that tax reform would be his Christmas gift to everyone. Let the festivities officially begin! In real news, we are now just 8 weeks away from the most joyful holiday and the marketing lists are starting to hit our digital newsstands. We are seeing articles about the best gifts for moms, and mother in laws. Also, cool gifts for teenagers, must-have gadgets, quirky ideas for Christmas parties, and predictive lists galore. I even saw a title for last minute gifts for kids today. Is it last minute already? We have 8 weeks left. That is over 80,000 minutes. Want to know what’s new, what’s best, what’s hot, what’s popular, or what’s trending? How about we don’t fall into that trap this year. Instead, ask your kids for some ideas. Ask your spouse what he/she would like? Then, give them a gift they will truly appreciate. Only 79,999 minutes left…what are you waiting for?

Updated 10/7/17: Are you also counting the days until Christmas? How about 79? Just more than 10 weeks from now the most magical night of the year will return. And 79 days seems like quite a few until you factor in Black Friday is only 48 days from today, less than 7 weeks. That’s when we will kick off what is likely to be the busiest online shopping week in history. Now is the time to test your wi-fi and bookmark your favorite shopping portals, as the 2017 leaked Black Friday ads will start appearing before Halloween (24 days from now if your counting). Here’s a tip for today. If you plan to buy the interactive baby doll from Spin Master (Luvabella) or you just can’t wait to shell out $130 for Star Wars’ BB-8 – you better start shopping tomorrow. These top 20 hottest toys for 2017 will disappear from shelves long before the masses start searching for them.

Updated 09/23/2017: 93 is the magic number today and how quickly those days will fly. As we wind down Q3 2017 and dive head first into the 4th quarter, everything starts to get blurry. Yes, I’m talking about the holidays. Halloween candy and cheap plastic costumes have taken over the seasonal aisles at our favorite big box stores. Soon the kiddos will be wandering around your neighborhood with their hands out, hoping for a full-size Snickers. And before the last sucker wrapper hits the floor, the steaming turkeys will be yanked from our ovens as we give thanks for another incredibly large meal with our closest friends and family. That is precisely when we will turn our full and undivided attention to the MOAH. Christmas 2017 will be directly in our radar by then and Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the other new made-up shopping days will grab us by the ears and scream “Shop, Shop, Shop!. Let’s savor the fact that we still have over 90 days until the wrapping paper starts flying and the eggnog is once again dumped down the drain for another year. Christmas is coming whether you are ready or not. The absolute hottest gift for Christmas will be chosen in the coming days, and nowhere to be found for weeks. Yes, the goose is getting fat. Are you ready?

Updated 11/28/16: Cyber Monday is here and I can hardly get online due to congested internet traffic jams. Okay, it isn’t quite that bad…but office productivity was likely at a low point for the year. And it all started yesterday, soon to be known as Siber Sunday or Cyber Monday Eve. Are any shopping days sacred anymore? If every day between now and Christmas is an incredible day to shop, then no day is the best any longer. Remember how we used to look forward to getting up early to shop at 5am on Black Friday? Not any longer. Everyone starts at 3pm on Thanksgiving Day, or midnight at the latest. Now it is the same with cybermonday. Sunday morning the offers started hitting my email box. DEALS AVAILABLE NOW! Soon the thrill of BF and CM will be gone. Until then, you can look forward to more exclusive offers, flash sales, and free shipping announcements.

Updated 11/24/16: Happy Thanksgiving…the holiday season has officially arrived. Enjoy some turkey and pumpkin pie. Then settle in for some BLACK FRIDAY online shopping before heading out to the stores later today or bright and early tomorrow. Be safe out there if you are traveling!

Updated 11/18/16: December 25th is 5 weeks away, and the busiest shopping day of the year is a week from today. 70 foot tall Norway Spruce Christmas trees are being dragged into places like Chicago and New York, soon to be lit for the rest of the coming season. Even the radio stations are getting in on the fun, with 24 hour holiday music playing from now until 2017. Santa even started taking pictures with the kiddos at the mall yesterday. Yes, it has officially arrived. So, how are you going to do your shopping this year? Will you just head over to Amazon and start flipping through the lightning deals and crossing off your list? Whatever you decide, don’t wait for Cyber Monday to pull the credit cards out if it’s low prices you crave. Last year the online deals were actually better on Thanksgiving Day! Don’t forget to try Google’s shopping engine as well. Sometimes the deals on this comparison site are lower than anywhere else, and include free shipping. Local retailers and big box stores are the best options when you want to get your hands on the merchandise (literally) or when you need something last minute, and the inventory is so much better than what you’ll find at your corner gas station on Christmas eve.

Updated 11/14/16: It is officially the middle of November now, and if you don’t already know which toys and electronics will be this year’s hottest Christmas gifts, you’re too late. But don’t fret, read the last few updates below and you’ll be up to speed in 5-10 minutes. The top selling items for 2016 will likely be crowned before December arrives, so a lot of shopping must be taking place in the next few days. Looking back at the big winners for 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 – all of them were incorrectly predicted and completely cemented in history long before the 2nd week of December. With Black Friday deals arriving earlier each year, 2016 might be the first time these trends will be set before the turkey is thawed. The fads and the duds will be exposed in the media, and as usual, the gifts that are hardest to find will be what everyone wants, and pays too much for on ebay and craiglist. Let me give you a few hints from the technology department. Search for CleverPet, XYZPrinting, ergotronhome, hairmax laserband, brinno timelapse, singlecue, beeraider, beddi, vuzix, flir scout, skybell, and grillbot. Makes me feel behind the times asking for a simple Amazon Echo or dot.

Updated 11/9/16: It has been quite a stretch of 7 days since our last update. The Cubs are world champions, we have a new president…um, did I mention the Cubs? Now it is time to set your sights on the last few weeks of 2016. There will be family get-togethers, holiday parties, pink and white elephant gifts, family quarrels, new Starbucks cups, and egg nog! Glamour magazine even published a 17 Pretty and Thoughtful Gifts for All Your Friends list. And have you searched for a Hatchimal yet? Your kids might be asking about them soon so get ready.

Updated 11/2/16: November has arrived and Christmas shoppers are increasing their online activity each day. This has been our busiest week of 2016 so far and the excitement is building. Normally we track an increase in web activity and search leading up to Black Friday, but Amazon might have leveled that off. Known as Christmas Creep, retailers such as Amazon have already started offering sales and discounts. With nearly 50% of online shopping done during November, sales will peak and start heading downward by the time December arrives. Best Buy released their top tech gadgets of 2016 this week and announced free shipping on online orders through the entire season. The list includes virtual reality and smart home products, laptops, gaming systems, cameras and TVs. You can’t go wrong with this list when considering something new for the techie in your life! Google Home,  Bose® QuietComfort® 35 Wireless Headphones,  Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer,  Lenovo Yoga 910 2-in-1 Laptop,  iPad Pro 9.7-inch,  Oculus Rift,  Sony PlayStation VR,  Sony 65” Class LED Smart 4K Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range,  GoPro Hero5 Black,  DJI Mavic Pro Drone,  Fitbit Charge 2,  Microsoft Xbox One S,  Samsung 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player,  iPhone 7,  Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones,  Apple Watch Series 2,  Rand McNally OverDryve Connected Car System,  HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 Laptop,  Google Chromecast Ultra,  Samsung Galaxy S7.

Updated 10/26/16: A couple of months from now, all of your gifts will have been opened and you’ll be thinking about when to take down the Christmas tree, lights, decorations, and stockings. You’ll have finished the last of the eggnog and possibly even started planning your New Year’s evening. But that day is still two months away, and you have a lot to do between now and the time Santa squeezes down your chimney. Some people started their shopping when it was 100 degrees a few months ago, but most of us will wait until the Halloween candy is gone. Over the next week or two, the malls will switch to Thanksgiving and Christmas decor, the TV commercials will include more jingles and bells, and before you know it, you will pass by someone who says, “Merry Christmas”. At that point, you’ll know if you are ahead or behind in your shopping and planning. But hey, you’ve still got lots of time, right?

Updated 10/21/16: Amazon released their top 100 toy list this week. In fact, they also released a bigger list of over 1,000 of the best selling toy ideas for 2016. Included are the Sesame Street Love2Learn Elmo, VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Enchanted Princess Palace, LEGO Nexo Knights 70322 Axl’s Tower Carrier Building Kit (670-Piece), Leapfrog LeapStart Interactive Learning System for Ages 5-7, Green Toys Cupcake Set, Tegu 42 Piece Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Barbie Dreamhouse FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon, and the Fisher Price Power Wheels Thomas Indoor. Seriously? What happened to Lincoln Logs and the Slinky? Simple, fun toys!

Updated 10/9/16: We are still more than 3 weeks from Halloween, but the leaves are turning beautiful colors and I’ve already seen snow in the forecast for certain northern states. So even if you haven’t decided on your Halloween costume yet, it’s not too early to be thinking about a first draft of your Christmas list. With such perfect autumn colors, this is also a great time to get outside with your family to snap a few pictures for this year’s Christmas card. Retailers won’t be waiting for Black Friday to post incredible bargains either. Start watching for deals to arrive in your email box in the next 2-3 weeks.

Updated 9/25/16: What is so exciting that I had to update you again today? How about the fact that today is the 25th, and Christmas Day is on the 25th? Yes, just 90 days until we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ – the best gift ever.

Updated 9/22/16: I just saw a preview of several movies coming out around Christmas. Looks like some excitement at the box office, and possibly in my stocking on blu-ray/dvd. Also came across an article listing the best Christmas cruises. I’d be up for one of those as it has been awhile, and the weather would likely be better than what we will have in the Midwest.  However may need to just be happy with a keepsake ornament and reruns on Hallmark. Let me know when you see the first tree lighting…can’t be far off now.

Updated 9/21/16: Any exciting news to report this week? Why yes there is, thanks for asking. More lists of the hottest toys for Christmas are starting to find a way to our inboxes. Toys R Us has their list ready to go. Robotic dogs, Shopkins trucks, LEGO items, Nerf items, and many others. Macy’s reported plans to hire a whopping 83,000 employees worldwide which turns about to be few less than last season. Target will add 70,000 and Kohl’s should bring 69,000 helpers into their stores. All those stores will be shipping many packages, so UPS will add 95,000 people to deliver them to you and me. They are all ramping up for the hottest shopping period…how about you?

Updated 9/13/2016: You might be asking yourself, “Where did that week just go?” – and that is exactly how quickly it can and will happen if you don’t pay close attention to the upcoming holidays. Just a few days ago we started seeing traffic from here and so it’s officially “season on”. In fact, the Hallmark Channel recently announced their holiday movie schedule that includes a whopping 22 yuletide offerings starting on 10/28. And are you surprised to learn that Walmart just listed their 25 hottest toys for the holiday season and announced their updated layaway program. The list includes My Life As A Food Truck and several Star Wars items. The force will be strong this Christmas!

Updated 9/6/2016: Remember when your annual Christmas Guide was a catalog that arrived in your mailbox? Sears, Spiegel, Lord and Taylor, Wards, JCPenney, and FAO Schwarz would either mail their holiday editions or you’d pick them up in stores. Some were nearly 700 full color pages of nearly every imaginable item you could ever want to buy. As a kid growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, those catalogs were the best way to tell your Mom and Dad what you wanted for Christmas. I’m not sure if anyone prints a big Christmas catalog anymore, but these days most of the research is done online. And every year, more of the Christmas shopping is done online. And now, free delivery, right to your doorstep. Would you ever go back?

Updated 09/05/2016: Are you ready for the crazy ride ahead? I’m not referring to the presidential election. It is Labor Day, two thousand sixteen – and that means Christmas will be here in less than 16 weeks. We are about to count down the 100 days until Christmas…crawling our way through Halloween, eating our way through Thanksgiving, and on a speed train to the biggest holiday of the year. And we will do our best to get you there, with all the sales, promotions, and gift giving advice we can get our hands on. You ready?

Previous Christmas Season Updates and Countdowns

Updated: Today might best be described as crunch time. For those of you who still have Christmas shopping to complete, you are seriously running out of time. You can all but forget about ordering any physical products online and having them delivered before Friday – unless you are willing to pay for overnight or expedited shipping. However, there is still plenty of time to order electronically delivered gifts such as gift cards that arrive by email – which you can print as well. Tomorrow you can expect to see a lot of men shopping. Some people refer to Christmas eve as Carhartt and camouflage day, as men literally come down from their deer stands and out of the woods to buy a few gifts. This will likely be my last update before you open your gifts, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And, remember the reason we celebrate.

Updated: It’s the final countdown. Only one more week and it will be Christmas Day. If you are not done with you’re Christmas shopping, and 90% admit they are not, then now is the time you get busy. If you plan to order a gift online, time is really running out for getting it shipped on time and affordably. If you are an Amazon Prime customer, you have 4 days left to get free 2 day shipping. After that, your gift will be late. Lots of places are stepping up their game today to make sure your gift arrives on time. Walmart has an extremely rare offer for sitewide free shipping with no minimum order amount. Use the code Shipday for the same offer at Dollar General has a similar announcement, as does Cabelas.  I guess they are calling this Free Shipping Friday, and you can learn more at And the #1 gift this season…ho hum…Gift Cards!

Updated: I was always a fan of Blue Monday by Foreigner, but today shoppers are looking for Green Monday deals. eBay coined this special day several years ago when online sales reached more $1.6 billion dollars in the U.S. So, while it is not about saving the environment, and it’s not as big as Cyber Monday…lots of you are still taking advantage of web only sales and you only have 10 shopping days left until Christmas. I’ve already browsed the greenest deals from Best Buy as they hit my inbox bright and early. In fairness, Walmart and Amazon have G.M. specials too, as well as other big retailers like Macy’s and Target. Surprisingly, I’m seeing some of the best deals of the season today…and prices might only get better as we near crunch time. Now, try to get something done at work…okay?

Updated: Where did that week just go? With only 17 shopping days until Christmas, we are starting to get a better picture of the gifts that are trending higher this season. Hot items continue to be electronics and toys, both of which are selling at their highest levels so far. One surprise is how well the “Amazon Echo” is selling this year – especially since it runs $150-$180. Playstation 4 is right near the top of the list as well, at nearly $300. And in the toy department, how about Exploding Kittens? (it’s a card game that sells for $20). It’s still too early to predict the number one gift this Christmas, but if trends hold it’s almost certain to come from one of those two categories. Have you put one on your list? Which presents did you ask for more than anything else?

Updated: And just like that, Black Friday mania is over. Now Cyber Monday is shutting down major websites like Stats are pouring in showing that more shoppers are going online to buy gifts this holiday season. And can you blame them? Why fight crowds at the mall when you can get the same item shipped to your home for free, and often for less? And how about this stat. Over 50% of the $4.5 billion spent on Black Friday happened using mobile devices – double the mobile sales from last year. In store sales on the day after Thanksgiving were reportedly down more that 1 billion dollars. What should prove to be interesting are the sales, deals, and promotions we will start to see after today.

Updated: Everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving now, and the holiday travel season is in full swing. With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday all happening during the next 7 days – the credit cards are about to get busy. Many of us are toy shopping, and nobody wants to make a poor buying decision. Are you familiar with I came across their site this morning and it included a list of the 10 worst toys for the year. They have been creating this list since 1973, so it is worth a look. Here they are: 1. “Bud” Skipit’s Wheely Cute Pull Along. Potential for choking injuries; made by Bunnies By The Bay. 2. Foam dart gun. Realistic toy weapon; made by GD.Jiefeng Toys. 3. Stats’ 38″ quick-folding trampoline. Potential for head, neck and other injuries; by Toys R Us, Inc. 4. Poo-Dough. Potential for allergy-related injuries (warning label says it contains wheat); by Skyrocket Toys. 5. Splat X Smack Shot. Potential for eye injuries; by Imperial Toy. 6. Kick Flipper. Potential for head and other bodily injuries; by Playsmart. 7. Leonardo’s Electronic Stealth Sword. Potential for blunt force injuries; by Playmates International Company. 8.  Kid Connection doctor play set. Potential for ingestion and choking injuries; by Wal-Mart Stores Inc. 9. Pull Along Zebra: Potential for strangulation and entanglement injuries; by Early Learning Centre. 10. Jurassic World velociraptor claws. Potential for eye and facial injuries; by Hasbro. I personally am not familiar with any of these toys, but it never hurts to do your homework. I’m betting there are dozens of potentially dangerous toys that could have made the list, so keep that in mind.

Updated: Only 10 days until Thanksgiving, which is now the official start of the Christmas shopping season. We are starting to see the trending Christmas gifts for and so far they are mainly children’s toys (lots of dolls, board games, and Lego items to be more specific). A recent Gallup pole indicates that this will be the biggest Christmas shopping season since 2007 (right before the 2008 financial crisis slowed it way down). The average family plans to spend $830 on presents this season, with 30% of respondents estimating that figure will be over $1,000. So what should you buy if you want to follow the latest trends? Try this…go to Google, Bing, or Yahoo and search “amazon best sellers”. Click the first result and you will find the most updated information for each category (toys, electronics, camera, video, books, clothing, etc.). Click any category to see the top 100 selling items right now. This is updated hourly, so check back from time to time.

Updated: The buzz yesterday was that Walmart’s Black Friday ad was released…much like ads for all the major retailers this time of year. And like other stores, the deals will start on Thanksgiving Day and stores will open that same holiday evening. With a $100 discount on the Ipad Air 2, there are sure to be some wrestling matches in aisle one. Walmart also has a 7″ android tablet for $29. I haven’t seen the name brand yet, but for a few dollars more my vote would be for the Kindle Fire. Several laptops are also on sale. I also came across an article on Forbes of “the perfect luxury gifts, best in class, for a wide variety of outdoor and active pursuits, for men and women”. That is a mouthful, but it does include some neat stuff.

Updated: Over the past few days, I’ve seen some friends on social media posting pictures of their Christmas trees, along with notes like “yea, that just happened!”. And looking at the visitor activity on, I’m also seeing people buying their artificial Christmas trees on Amazon and other online stores. So for those of you who are keeping track, the “tree buying and setting up season” is officially under way. And, shopping days left until Christmas? 45 is now the magic number. Seems like plenty of time, but the days always seem to go by so quickly this time of the year. We had a warmer than usual weekend in the Midwest, and many of our neighbors were seen hanging Christmas lights. I’ll let you know when they start turning on, but guessing it will be this week!

Updated: The Christmas news just keeps coming. Just announced, ABC Family’s “Countdown to 25 Days Of Christmas” lineup. It all starts on December 1st, but I’m looking forward to some of the shows like The Polar Express, Rudolph, Frosty, Elf, and of course…Christmas Vacation!  And in other news, Black Friday deals are about 3 weeks ahead of schedule on Plus, earlier today I stumbled upon the most wanted tech gifts this season. They included the Apple Ipad, Macbook, and Watch. Vizio’s 43 inch Smart 4K Ultra HD TV, Galaxy Tab S2, Bose Noise Cancelling headphones, Microsoft Surface, a Dyson Vacuum, SONOS speaker, iRobot Roomba, and a GoPro HERO4 camera. Feel free to send me any one of these technology gifts.

Updated: I came across some very interesting information today related to the last holiday shopping season. First, I found the top 10 gifts for kids last year. They are as follows. For Boys: LEGO, Cars & Trucks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Video Games, Hot Wheels, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Transformers, Remote Controlled Vehicles, Marvel Action Figures, and a Tablet/Apple iPad. For Girls: Disney Frozen, Barbie, Dolls (generic), Monster High Dolls, American Girl, LEGO, Tablet/Apple iPad, My Little Pony, Disney Doc McStuffins, and Apparel. And in general, the most sought after and gifted item was a gift card – so keep that in mind this year.

Updated: Online Christmas shopping spiked a few days ago, and we are still several weeks away from the time when most people even begin to pay attention. This could be great news for retailers, but not so good for the last minute rush. I heard today that one national retailer (REI) doesn’t plan to open their stores on Black Friday, so maybe this is the tipping point for all this early shopping craziness.  But then I read a story in Time that a new study shows Christmas will eventually stretch out to become a 6 month season. They call it Christmas Creep (not to be confused with Ebenezer Scrooge). There are even radio stations playing Christmas music as I write this update (Birmingham’s 100.1 FM and Duluth’s 106.5 for example) with threats to go year round. I feel sorry for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Updated: You might be getting an unusual gift for Christmas this year. That theory is based on how people are searching our site early this season. We are seeing more searches for “most unusual Christmas gifts”, “unique gift ideas”, “weird tech gifts” and so forth. If you are the gift giver, some ideas for inspiration might be Etsy, Pinterest, Brookstone, and Flipboard. There you will find homemade and DIY ideas from some extremely creative individuals. Most of these won’t be on any online magazine’s “hottest list” but you also won’t risk giving him or her something he or she already has. Sometimes it’s best to buck the trends and forge your own path when it comes to holiday shopping. I enjoy getting gifts like this myself, when I know someone has put some extra time and thought into it. How about you?

Updated: In case you are one of the people who look forward to time honored traditions, Neiman Marcus released their Christmas Book this week – the 89th edition in case you are counting. And while it contains gifts for him and her, most people who read it are interested in the fantasy gift section. This is where you’ll find the $150,000 motorcycle and ride experience, or the equally priced tour of Italy, and the 90,000 space capsule ride. For that same price, you can hang out with Iris Apfel too. For $125k, they have a whisky trip to Kentucky. Or for $400k you can head to India for a week. And for those of us with a bit less cash on hand, there is the his and her gift for children – a trunk full of costumes for just $5,000. None of these seem like great gift values, but they are unique!

Updated: I keep hearing people ask, “What presents will be trendy this year?” and “What are the new electronic gizmos that kids want?”. Sometimes retailers try to figure those questions out too early and they totally miss out on the hottest items. Many times, the most wanted gifts are the simple ones that have been around for years – like a baseball glove, a pair of mittens, or a bracelet making kit. Do you want the best Christmas gift ideas? Well, just ask whoever it is you’re buying for and you’ll find out. The hot Christmas toys and must haves for him and her can quickly be discovered just by listening.

Updated: Yep, that just happened. You flipped the calendar to October and panicked. Fall is upon us and it’s now a slippery slope to Thanksgiving, followed by the biggest gift giving holiday of them all. I think the Charlie Brown Christmas stamp is already at the post office. Costco and Kmart have already started putting their decorations in full view, as well as some Target stores. Yesterday an article popped up about when to start defrosting your Christmas turkey. And there is now a warning that one million drones will be unwrapped on December 25th, followed by the FAA’s worst day ever. So, while everything is getting crazy – let’s not forget what Christmas is really about – celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Updated: Today I stumbled across It is mainly a site to help individual toy sellers, but I would recommend you visit the site to learn about Christmas toy trends (especially if your kids aren’t good at telling you what they are interested in this year). A few mentioned include Star Wars, The Peanuts Movie, Cinderella, Paw Patrol, The Avengers, Frozen, Zombies/Vampires, Polar Express, Playstation/Nintendo/Sony consoles, Video game accessories, tablets for kids, smart phone/ipad games “apps”, Music/videos, Children’s toys (interactive), Online Add-Ons (toys with an online addition like app toys), Wearable technology, Trains, Polar Express and holiday versions, Pretend Play and Dollhouses, LEGO, Barbie, Matchbox/HotWheels, Board games, Mini toys, innovative toys to help teach science, toys that teach skills, Pet Birds, Baby Alive, R2D2/Robot/RC vehicles, building/construction toys, programmable toys, and design kits. That should get your thinking. 🙂

Updated: Another milestone reached…now counting down the 100 days until Christmas (possibly even more exciting the the 12 Days of Christmas). A couple of polls released this week estimate that 5% of you are already done with your shopping for seasonal gifts. Congratulations to you, and for making some of us look like procrastinators already.  Another 32% of those polled said they have started holiday shopping. You can include me in that group, based on the one gift I picked up last week…but I have a long way to go. 55% of shoppers will continue buying gifts well into December, while 20% won’t finish until Christmas Eve. I make that list too. Can we at least wait until the plastic pumpkins are off the shelves?

Updated: Yes, September is upon us now…but we are still almost 4 months away from the most anticipated holiday event of the year. And already, the search has begun. “Best Christmas Gifts, Toys, and Trends” are the hottest searches so far on this website. Gift ideas are also popular. Some people just want to know what day it is on this year (Friday). Others likely saw something from the toy insider and now they’ve come looking for Go! Go! Smart Animals Zoo, Laugh and Learn Chairs, Imagine Elmo, and Twista. Also, Interactive Talking Turtles, Frozen, Firetek Bows and Amiibo are getting searched. So…stop back soon and we will update what’s really hot for gift giving this coming season.

Updated: So, what did you think of Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and a few other stores trying to get you in the Christmas shopping mood last month? I’ll admit that I checked the deals they offered, but none really stood out in my opinion. And I already saw one list of the top kid’s tech toys for Christmas which included Thunderbirds Tracy Island, Nerf N-Strike Modulus, Lego Dimensions, Gameband Minecraft, Meccano Meccanoid, Anki Overdrive, Scalextric ARC One, WowWee MiPosaur Track Ball, and Parrot MiniDrones Jumping Night. I’ve only heard of a few of these, so we’ll see if the prediction comes close. It is difficult to start thinking about Christmas when the temperatures and humidity are so high, but 21 weeks will be here before we know it! 🙂

Updated: Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone. And now we know some the of the most popular gifts based on early sales figures. Google also just released the most searched for toys through November. They are: AMERICAN GIRL, MY LITTLE PONY, PAW PATROL, LEGO FRIENDS, PEPPA PIG, SHOPKINS, NERF GUN, BARBIE DREAM HOUSE, and ZOOMER DINO. In addition, SumoCoupon just listed the most searched toys by state based on some Google Trends research. They include footballs, star wars toys, computers, bikes, rubik’s cube, baseball gloves, trampolines, art supplies, scooters, video game consoles, play-doh, lego sets, basketballs, journey girls, dollhouses, basketball hoops, monster high, nerf, kid’s movies, barbies, disney frozen toys, wooden toys, hockey gear, stuffed animals, my little pony toys, and kid’s tablets. Lots of ideas here!

Updated: The big countdown continues. Now just 9 days until Black Friday, and with Thanksgiving no longer being a sacred “no shopping day” it’s actually coming sooner than we think. I have been out to all the big box stores again, trying to see what the hot items are going to be this year. You never really know for sure until about this time of year, and then everyone is scrambling to get their hands on the hottest toy, gift, or whatchamacallit. Barbie looks big. Disney might be even bigger. Don’t count out Monster High or Dora either. How about My Little Pony making a comeback? FurReal is showing up, as is Zoomer and Flutterbye. The old standby, Lego, isn’t leaving either. Nerf, Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and Star Wars gear is great for boys in.  So are Hot Wheels and Air Hogs…and don’t forget Matchbox. The little ones are getting Fisher-Price and Sesame Street. Oh, the list never ends. But let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas!

Updated: The number of remaining shopping days is suddenly hitting me like a Halloween candy hangover. Today on my stroll through the electronics department at Target I was taken back by a holiday video playing on all 25 of their wall mounted televisions. Oh my…too early to see and hear that. And yesterday I was searching online and came across several Black Friday leaks, from Lowe’s, Sears, Dell Home Store, and Home Depot. Walmart has their Early Bird specials online already, and stores are lining up to see who will open first, and who will let their employees enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with family. It has begun.

Updated 10/22/2014: Is it really possible that Christmas shopping is starting later this year? Based on the trends we are seeing, more people have been waiting to get started that in the past 5 years. One big announcement today is that Target stores are offering free shipping that begins now. So, you can place an order on and have gifts delivered directly to your office or home. And even though people may not be in full shopping mode yet, the stores and malls are ready and waiting. Santa will be arriving at these retail locations in just a couple of weeks, and the Black Friday shopping crowd will be breaking down the doors in just over a month. Expect stores to open earlier than ever for that massive rush. 🙂

Updated: We have officially passed the 90 days until Christmas mark and the shopping season has begun. Have you been in retail stores lately? Christmas trees, decor, and aisles of gifts are filling quickly. I was in Costco two weeks ago and the season was in full swing. just released their annual “hottest toys for Christmas” list which included Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile, Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack, Imaginext 2-in-1 Supernova Battle Rover, LEGO Fusion Town Master, LeapFrog LeapTV Active Video Game System, Little Live Pets Bird Cage with 2 Birds, Hot Wheels Street Hawk R/C Flying Car, Hot Wheels Street Hawk R/C Flying Car, Onyx Zoomer Dino with Tin Storage Case, Mutant Mania Mutant Masher, Max Tow Truck, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stretch ‘N’ Shout Leonardo, Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa, Tranformers Stomp & Chomp Grimlock, Charmazing Color Me Up! Heart Collection, and FurReal Friends Get Up and GoGo My Walkin’ Pup. Don’t want to fight the crowds in November? Get started on your shopping now and see deals we’ve found below.

Update: The Christmas shopping season came early this year. We are still a full week away from the traditional Black Friday rush and yet retailers are pouring out sales, deals, and early season discounts are nearly everything you can imagine. In fact, no longer is Thanksgiving a sacred holiday, safe from the shopping madness. Now, stores are opening that day – even before the pumpkin pie is on the table. Makes you wonder what the big box shops will do for an encore during the 2014 Christmas season. Looking at our early stats – toys and electronics are once again leading the way. Lots of people looking here for suggestions from other shoppers. And, while there are plenty of toys being snatched up for under $20, we’ve also seen some of the most expensive gifts for Christmas in years. So, what gadget are you looking for? Do you know what the big tech items are this December? Do you know what the teens are asking for (besides a new iphone)? Be back soon to keep you updated!

Update: Welcome to November, everyone! Halloween is now behind us and Thanksgiving is coming quickly. But the #1 most celebrated holiday of the year is just 54 days away now and the Christmas shopping season is officially in full swing. I heard this morning that Walmart is getting an early jump on the competition by running online sales that start today, a full month ahead of last year. With six fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, retailers will be offering deep discounts way before the turkey is in the oven. Go get yours now! 🙂

Update: This weekend brought huge changes in the weather. Just 5 weeks ago our high temp was 99. Yesterday, 51. Yes, that is how quickly seasons can change and it reminds me that I’m already running out of shopping days until Christmas. I believe we are under 75 now…and nobody wants to look for gifts during that final few days – or maybe it’s more obvious that nobody prefers a gift purchased from the top shelf at Walgreens when everything else is gone. So, we are putting together more gift suggestions based on what people are looking for, what’s new in the past 30 days, hot items for boys, girls, toddlers, fads, gifts trending in the U.S., and several others. Doing our best to point you in the right direction!

Update: Where I live, the forecast high temperature for today is 100 degrees. So, what am I doing updating our 2013 Christmas website? Well, lots of people have started their research and they are counting on us to deliver the goods…much like kids are counting on Santa to do the same in less than 4 months. The trends we spot over the next 30-60 days will determine the hottest, must have toys and gifts for kids of all ages. According to early predictions, watch for Squiqz suction construction, Spirograph, Kinetic Sand, Goldieblox and the Spinning Machine, Tenzi, Civil Engineer Tape, Simon, Made By Dad, Paddle Punches, Solar Robots, Flying Turtle Scooter, Ultra Stomp Rocket, Chalktrail Scooter, Castle Molds, Story Lines, Laptop Trays, Strider No-Pedal Balance Bike, and Logiq Tower to be some of the big hits. What ever happened to lincoln logs and viewmasters? 🙂 Be back with another update soon, and stay cool out there today.

Update: We are certainly in the home stretch now and the news for procrastinators (myself included) is that lots of online retailers are now offering FREE SHIPPING on almost anything you are willing to buy today. Today is the offical “free shipping” day but with a full week until Christmas Eve, I expect this offer to contiue for a few more days at many of these stores – even free 1 or 2 day shipping as we near the end of the week. Toys R Us has some great deals as well as Coldwater Creek, Converse, Ebags, Eddie Bower, Joseph A Banks, Land’s End, Sports Authority…the list goes on and on. If you haven’t tried it before, take a look at too. They seem to have some of the most popular offers as they come available. Happy Shopping!

Update: Okay, is it just me or is everyone starting the countdown to Christmas? I look up at the calendar and what do you know, we are now inside of 90 days. For some of us (men, you know who I am talking about here) – 3 months until Christmas is a lifetime. For others, things are about to start moving really fast. The stores are full of Halloween costumes and decorations, and the day after that holiday is behind us, the ghosts and witches will be replaced with Thanksgiving Day decor. And what happens the day after Thanksgiving? You got it – Black Friday. Oh my. Are you ready for this?

Update: The traffic here continues to grow, and now people aren’t just browsing – they are buying. 90 days from now we will see shoppers in full-out gift buying mode. Based on early results, I am predicting another big year for the Amazon Kindle and all books and media related to this incredible device. For the time being, please relax and enjoy the remaining weeks of summer. School will be starting for students this month and the next thing you know the seasons will be changing. Also, for those of you planning to buy a camera for Christmas, we will soon launch a camera reviews website to make that process easier.

Update: Sure, Christmas is months away – but guess what. People are already searching for “2012 Christmas Gift Ideas” and Hottest Toys For 2012 Christmas Season. Those are the same people that have their Christmas shopping done before Labor Day! Someone has to jump start the season. I can almost hear the music playing in the mall. 🙂

Update: Okay, if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping by now – don’t worry. Amazon still has you covered. Last Minute Gift Certificates and gift cards can be printed or emailed. They never expire…but get this done today!

Update: Amazon is now running their Top Holiday Deals sale, and with only a few days left to order for Christmas delivery it seems the discounts just keep getting better. Many of the items on this page are listed at more than 50%. Stay warm, shop from home and get free delivery with Amazon’s Super Saver Shipping.

Below are the most wanted (and asked for) toys for Christmas (last year). We’re betting a couple of these were on your kid’s wish list!

  1. Cepia’s DaGeDar, $4.99 to $19.99: collectible decorated balls that come with track sets.
  2. Hasbro’s Beyblade Metal Fusion, $5.99 to $39.99: battling spinning top game.
  3. Hasbro’s Nerf Vortex Line, $12.99 to $49.99: Foam dart guns.
  4. iStar Entertainment’s FyrFlyz, $10: yo-yo like toy that glows in the dark.
  5. Jakks Pacific’s Spy Net Stealth Video Glasses, $39.99: sunglasses that record video.
  6. LeapFrog’s LeapPad Explorer, $99.99: tablet for tots, with games, e-books and a camera.
  7. Lego’s Alien Conquest and Ninjago Lines, $3.49 to $119.99: construction sets with alien and ninjas.
  8. Mattel’s Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game, $16: block game based on the popular smartphone app.
  9. Mattel’s Fisher-Price Big Action Construction Site, $59.99: construction site play set.
  10. Mattel’s Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, $29.99: car track set that can attach to walls.
  11. Mattel’s Monster High Dead Tired Line, $14.49: dolls that are the offspring of different monsters.
  12. Mega Brands 3D Breakthrough Puzzle, $19.99: 3D jigsaw puzzles.
  13. MGA’s Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll, $34.99: rag-like doll with bendable hair.
  14. Spin Master’s Logo Board Game, $24.99: board game that tests player’s knowledge of popular brands.
  15. Spin Master’s Redakai, $5.99 to $19.99: collectible trading-card game.
  16. Thinkway Toys’ Lazer Stunt Chaser, $39.99: remote-control car that follows a laser.
  17. Vtech’s Innotab, $79.99: tablet for kids that lets them play games, color and read books.
  18. WowWee’s Lite Sprites, $19.99: dolls that light up in different colors with the touch of a wand.

Most online retailers are finding ways to keep the discounts and shopping party going long after Cyber Monday has ended. Here is the link to find all of the Cyber Week Sales at Amazon – Cyber Week

** Shop Cyber Monday Sales Here! Stores are already posting CyberMonday deals (on Sunday) so if you missed any items on Black Friday – now you have a second chance. Amazon is once again one of the early leaders and here is the link to all of their previous Cyber Monday specials. Shop Cyber Monday Sales Here!

Amazon’s Black Friday Specials Are Going Fast!

Amazon created a page that includes the best Black Friday Specials everywhere–including deals other stores are planning–so they can meet or beat their prices and bring them to you even earlier. These offers go really fast so don’t feel bad if you miss one…new ones are added throughout the day, every day of the week.

Black Friday Deals Week

Up Next…CyberMonday specials will be announced soon. Stop back and enjoy your shopping experience.

Christmas 2017: Start planning now! In 2017, Christmas will be on a Sunday, making it especially easy for families to gather and celebrate the long holiday weekend. For some, this might mean a larger than average family dinner and gift exchange, so this site is starting early to help you plan for what exotic new dishes to try at Christmas dinner, what hot toys to buy the kids and what party ideas will keep your relatives and friends in the holiday spirit all season long! Here are our predictions for what will be all the rage come Christmas 2017:

Food: Of course, the traditional favorites will grace many tables; there will be hams, yams and more gingerbread than most of us really need at all the holiday parties. If you want to truly wow your guests or office-mates at the company potluck, though, start searching for recipes on mini-foods (Bite-sized cheese balls and tiny turkey crudités? YUM!) and make sure you buy all organic.

Kid’s toys: The hottest Christmas toys for the past few years have been animated (Tickle Me Elmo) or have been fun new tech gadgets (Nintendo Wii and Rock Band). Expect 2017 to stick to this same trend. We aren’t too sure on the details yet, but the simple rule is: If it moves and makes noise, little kids will love it (though parents may soon tire of hearing that Elmo laugh over and over…and over…), and if it’s a video game that an army of soccer moms would beat you up to have, older kids will absolutely flip.

Grown-up gifts: For the past few years, we’ve seen gifts start to trend to the more technological side of the spectrum. Twenty years ago, all dads got sweaters and golf bags and moms got sweaters and framed pictures of the kiddoes. For Christmas 2016 gift ideas, look again for more techno-gifts, but look for them to do some pretty cool stuff. More cell phones, mp3 players and even cameras will have touch technology (similar to the iPhone), so that will be a hot seller. Anything that is connected to the internet and designed to make life a little easier should be a great gift in ’17.

Parties: For Christmas twenty twelve, keep it simple. Our lives are hectic enough, so wouldn’t a simple bottle of wines among friends be better than a neighborhood holiday blow-out? Pair simple guest lists with simple food and drinks and you’ll find the 2017 holiday season to be one of the most relaxing of all. After all, it’s the one time of year you get to spend time with your loved ones and appreciate all you have.

Luxury Gifts: Remember the Lexus commercials they run around Christmas time? Silver luxury cars and SUVs with huge red ribbons – parked in the garage and waiting for Santa to deliver them? Well, if you are sending a gift my way – I will take one of those luxury Hybrid SUV models. 🙂